From Sounds to Songs to Education, Mussar can take you to the next level!

Custom Sound Design

From functional UX design to custom synthesizer presets to voice overs and foley, Mussar can create sounds and soundscapes tailor-made to whatever project you can imagine! For pricing and details, please use the contact form.

1-on-1 Lessons

Level up your musical skills by enrolling in a personalized lesson schedule with Mussar! Offered as a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly frequency at $80 USD per 1 hour lesson, over Zoom. For additional details or to arrange a free 30-minute consultation, please use the contact form.

Track Feedback

Struggling with a track or project, but don’t need the regularity of a private tutor? Mussar also offers a la carte feedback on your music! 
$20 - Written Feedback
$35 - Video Feedback
$50 - 30 Minute Zoom Call Feedback
For additional details, please use the contact form.

Mixing/Mastering Services

Got a song that needs a bit of TLC? Mussar can help get your track over the finish line! Delivery available in multiple formats and tuned to perfection for all major streaming platforms. For pricing and details, please use the contact form.

Music Production/Music Scoring/Ghost Production Services

Mussar can craft a piece of music to fit any genre, style, or specification! Commercial, corporate, artistic, or personal! Synchronized to visual media or standalone! Discretion available if required! For pricing and details, please use the contact form.

All Skill Levels Welcome

Mussar has a decade of experience with every aspect of music production, and is familiar with almost every pitfall that can happen no matter where you’re at with your journey. From beginners who aren’t sure where to start to seasoned veterans looking to expand their repertoire or break out of a rut, Mussar knows what it takes to get you from where you currently are to where you want to be. 

Student-specific curriculum plan

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All DAWs Welcome

While studying at both the Academy of Art University and the Pyramind music production school, Mussar was trained with multiple DAWs like Adobe Audition and Logic Pro, and received certifications in both Ableton Live and Avid Pro Tools.

Student-Specific Curriculum Plans

No two students learn the same subjects in the same order, or even the same way! Mussar’s onboarding process is designed to meet each student where they’re at, and design a custom syllabus that tackles the problems unique to them.

Other Services:

Looking for music? Sound effects? Track Feedback? Audio Engineering? Check out the Services page to see what else Mussar can do for you.

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